Help us implement a Residential Building Moratorium in west Concord, NC

Poplar Tent Rd. looking west from the Harris Rd. intersection

Join our petition to
Concord City Council
for a one-year residential building moratorium
in west Concord

Poplar Tent Rd. headed towards Harris Rd.

What a great city and region we live in!  Our proximity to major highways and excellent schools have turned this community into a thriving area to raise our families.  But, west Concord can't continue to grow at this pace without the proper infrastructure.  Our two-lane roads and overcrowded schools can't handle additional growth.  We need our city leaders to focus on a holistic plan to address these issues before we add more density to the existing population.  That's why we're asking them to implement a one-year residential building moratorium.  This will stop the influx of additional population while city leaders work to solve the infrastructure challenges.  NC General Statue 160A-381 provides the City with the authority to implement moratoria if implemented within certain guidelines.
Highlights of the proposed Moratorium
  • Provides a temporary (one year) stop to any new residential sub-divisions of ten (10) lots or more and all forms of multi-family, high-density housing.  (Anything already approved would be allowed to continue).
  • Covers all areas west of I-85 that fall within the city limits of Concord, NC
  • Gives the City a dedicated time to focus on developing an infrastructure plan with their government partners (Cabarrus County Schools and NCDOT).  If a plan can not be completed within one year, it requests that the City extend the moratorium until such a plan can be completed.

Data:  Cabarrus County Schools

Data:  Cabarrus County Schools

Data:  Cabarrus County Schools

Cox Mill High School

Harris Road Middle School

Cox Mill Elementary School

Odell Primary School


March 12

Appeal to City Council
for rezoning of 300 homes
on Odell School Rd.

by M/I Homes

(Annsborough Park)

6:00 pm

Concord City Hall

35 Cabarrus Ave. West

Concord, NC  28025

April 9

Annexation of 71.5 acres

at 580 Cox Mill Rd.

(Corner of Poplar Tent Rd.
and Cox Mill Rd.)

by Taylor Morrison


6:00 pm

Concord City Hall

35 Cabarrus Ave. West

Concord, NC  28025

Latest Development Map

DID YOU KNOW . . . ?

  • As of mid-Feb 2020, 34% of the total housing units in development across the City of Concord are within the west Concord area

  • As of Q4 2019, our immediate community has 6,107 students enrolled in Cabarrus County Schools and the proposed/approved developments would add more than 700 additional students.

"Save Poplar Tent" is a grassroots effort by concerned citizens in west Concord, NC